Beedo will help to solve 5 key issues

How offen company and employees
agree on main priorities?

Facts Majority of employees do not know company priorities. So they choose to do easy and pleasant but not important for the business and usually hard tasks.
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Beedo helps Set and approve priorities. Employees will always know what to focus on.
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Beedo process
  1. Priorities

    Set and agree on main priorities.
  2. Plan

    Employees create plan of their day or week and manager approves it.
  3. Operational management

    Find reasons for delays: bottlenecks, low productivity, low motivation and take actions to meet deadline.
  4. Analysis

    At the end of the day, week or project see if plan is executed well. Surely you will find ideas how to do it better or faster?
  5. Feedback

    Give feedback after week or project as "DO IN A NEW WAY" tasks.

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